Boiler Fabrication

STI Group provides the highest quality Boiler and Boiler component related fabrications.

Components such as tubesheets, tubesections, superheaters, convections, economizers are among a stated few fabricated and manufactured.

For an expanded list please see our complete boiler and heater services page for additional references.

STI Group Boiler holds the following ASME code stamps: “S” — manufacture and assembly of power boilers, “U” — manufacture of pressure vessels, and the National Board Inspection Code “R” stamp for the repair and alteration of boilers.

We also offer comprehensive integrated fabrication services related to Piping & Vessel, Skid & Modular, Heavy Structural and Plate Fabrication, produced in one of our customized fabrication facilities.

STI Group Fabrication, our primary fabrication specialist has more than 300,000 square feet of fabrication space – strategically located – where we can build and deliver customized solutions for any process need. STI Group Boiler Services exceeds customer’s specialized fabrication needs for their heavy industrial sites.

  • Boiler Fabrication
  • Boiler Component Fabrication
  • Boiler Structure Fabrication
  • Pipe Fabrication
  • Large Bore Heavy Wall Fabrication
  • Carbon & Alloy Vessel Shops
  • Heavy Structural & Plate
  • CNC Automated Material Processing
  • Skid & Modular Construction
  • Mid-Stream Compression Skids
  • Climate Controlled Blast & Coating Facilities
  • Code Stamps-U, S, R