Water Pressure Sets


Bringing over fifty years of pump packaging experience to the design and fabrication of these systems. We have in-house capabilities for the complete system analysis, detailed design, and packaging including control panels and installation supervision.

Systems can be supplied from 10 GPM to the 1,000’s GPM or to client specifications.


Satisfactory performance of the potable water system depends primarily on the design and selection of the components of the pressure system. The system is designed to store & deliver the correct amount of water at the optimum pressure for normal and peak demands. Two 100% pumps are supplied such that there is 100% standby capacity. During normal operation a single pump will satisfy the demand and keep the tank charged with sufficient pressure. At critical times of peak loading both pumps will operate. Pumps will alternate and start as the pressure in the tank falls. If one pump cannot maintain the flow/pressure, then the other pump will “kick-in”. Pump operation is controlled by pressure switches.


The pressure switches are located at the tank and the signals from the pressure switches are sent to the control panel. The control panel directs the pump operation. The first pressure switch is set at a loss of 5 psi from the working pressure. This will cause one pump to operate. The other pressure switch is set at 5 psi below the first pressure switch. This will cause the second pump to turn on & operate in conjunction with the first pump.


NEMA (rating as required) enclosure:

  • a.) Magnetic Motor Starter
  • b.) Motor Circuit Protector for each pump
  • c.) Pressure Switches for each pump
  • d.) Power “On” Light
  • e.) H.O.A. Switches for each starter
  • f.) Pump Run Lights
  • g.) Automatic Alternate


Pumps will be horizontal or vertical centrifugal. Pumps will be close coupled with TEFC or “X” Proof Motors.


A common pump discharge will be provided with gate & check valves. The discharge from the filter will be a 150# flange for customer hook up.


The tank is a vertical ASME steel tank. Normally galvanized, it can be painted as required. Tank will be pressure rated above the working pressure and tested to 1.5 times working pressure. Tanks are fitted with a “heavy-duty” Butyl Diaphragm.


A structural steel skid will be provided with the tank, pumps, control panel, pipe, valves, and fittings installed. Unit will be factory tested and fully operational. The skid will be blasted and coated with epoxy.


A common 150# flange inlet will be provided for customer hook-up. Inlet flow is divided to each pump suction.